Discobot? This should be added to the forums! (Brian)

I’ve been using quite a few Discourse forums these days… including ask.replit.com … I have noticed a lot of these bigger and more popular forums and new ones are using Discobot! Discobot is a verification bot that takes new users, before they can post, through a new user tutorial and more! This is a good way of teaching new users how to use the forums, and separating human from bots.

Discourse blog: Who is Discobot?
Customizing Discobot: Customize Discobot - admins - Discourse Meta

Actually it's Michael who maintains the forum, but he'll get around to seeing this...

Discobot is too spammy.
I think that 18001767679 told me that bh said that discobot spams forums when he reqested the same thing as you did

Oh. Yeah, down with spam.

How does Discobot spam the forums? I thought he only made posts to new users.

DK,but people always say @discobot start_tutorial in public topics and crowd them

Then disable the command. Discobot is completely customizable in every aspect.


Huh, they have a entire Discourse forum for Replit now? Didn't know that, I guess I should use Replit more.
I support adding this bot and I don't really see any problems with it. The spam problem that @d4s_over_dt4 isn't really a problem with the bot itself, it's kind of more of people misunderstanding it. If for some reason it can't be disabled, I think it should be added anyways because I feel like people fulling understanding the forum and not doing anything stupid because they didn't know about something in the forums outweights a few people posting discobot commands in threads.
(why did i write a paragraph about this)

are you his friend or something

Lmao why would he do that.


like why

I know it’s super cool! Honestly I love Discourse software.

I think it should be too! It prevents bots, spam, and teaches new users hwo to properly use the forums!

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