Disable image smoothing

Image smoothing has been an issue for a while, and makes creating projects with pixel art very difficult. I have figured out that there really is a way to turn off image smoothing, even for a single sprite.

You can play around with it in my mod.

Here are some screenshots.

Now, unfortunately I couldn't get the stamping to work perfectly. You can turn image smoothing off before stamping, and it'll still be pixelated, but it'll be a bit off. This is just due to reasons I'm not going to get into here.

Please note: this is just some modifications I made to my snap mod, this will not work in the official snap instance. I just made this to prove that it is possible to disable image smoothing.

This is where I found out how to disable image smoothing.

Hi, just for you. I am doing almost the same opportunity, I can
do the update for Snavanced! to disable the image smoothing.
It is for all of the sprites and including the stage canvas,
but I have to do it for much more time. Good improvisation too! :~)

If you want to see how I was able to disable image smoothing for specific sprites, you can see my code here (I didn't think too much about the branch name...).

Well, image smoothing is not necessary. That is because having it
does hurt the head. Vector graphics like the .svg extension is not affected by
image smoothing, I think that you are so expert in putting ideas too. :~)

Oh, nicely done! Interestingly, the nearly-vertical edge near the right of the smoothed Alonzo is still somewhat pixelated. I hadn't noticed that before, although it's also true in the official version.

I think the absolutely right thing in most cases is to have two canvases, displaying the smoothed one but doing computation for FILL, TOUCHING, etc. on the unsmoothed one. "Most cases" because if your costume is a (straight up) square, you don't want to see smoothed corners either.

Disclaimer: I've had conversations with Jens about this, and (sigh) no longer remember what he said.

You can control the smoothing of canvas operations for images but not the graphic primitives.

Ah, thank you. That's probably what Jens told me. :~/