Disable header from going down when the user scrolls down

I've noticed that the forum header comes down when the user scrolls down. Is this intentional, and if not, can you disable it?

i'm pretty sure it's intentional,considering it does this in topics

It's a feature of Discourse, but Michael fixed it! Which theme are you using?

Do you mean the "rubber banding" effect where it scrolls down and there's a little bit of white at the top for a second?

This is a somewhat awkward property of how some browsers let you scroll "beyond" the page. It's not really intentional, but not worth working around either.

I'm using the standard Snap! theme
It still seems to be coming down while I scroll (I mean the part that has the links and the topic title)

Here's how it should look at the beginning of the thread:

and here's how it should look when you scroll down:

Same size, but different logo and different text.

If that's not what you're seeing, it probably means you need to do a cache-free reload of the forum (shift-click on the reload button).

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