Digital Logic Sim

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Here is the SMERGE.


YT Tutorial Series

I'm partial to the design of Sebastian Lague's Digital Logic Simulator.

Want to help? Feel Free!

oh dear lord yes

perfect, i was already trying to work on this earlier

i could work on the logic
the annoying part is, the design that would probably work best can only work in Snap ! 10.0.0
edit: i think i can get around that though

What does v10 add?

Can you try to make the library?

(Specifically, A list of items that is rendered in a nice way. DLS Makes it look like a Window.)

Scrolling will be the hardest part.

custom upvars
basically custom elif blocks
custom caps
more menu dropdown options
options for multiple input sections
and some other stuff i believe

block library or library menu? (i assume you mean the library menu, but i'm making the circuit/logic library right now)

Oh. I was thinking something along these lines:

A gate is a list of 3 items:

  1. If the gate is primitive (AND/NOT, Bus)
  2. Name of the gate
  3. (Snap! logic for the gate, if applicable)/(Diagram, if applicable)


If it's a SubCircut.


I just made the Data type for a gate. (A circuit is just a list of gates and wires.)