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Eh, huh?

What's this?

Also, I see that the variables with watchers are in German. (no offense, I just like German)

folks, please don't be rude to posts from others who are - obviously - new to Snap, exploring the site and not native English speakers. I've said it before and I'll warn you one last time, that you shouldn't spam every forum thread with whatever comes to your mind, regardless of whether you have something to contribute or not. I'm talking to you, @mr_owlssssnap2 and @warped_wart_wars. Snap is not your private WhatsApp group but a community in which all learners are welcome, and in which you do not have any special privileges, just because you've been around for a while. I'm really, serious about this.

Jens, I mean this respectively, are you okay? I'm not spamming, I just didn't understand what this was. This is the same for @warped_wart_wars
Also, I know I don't have special privileges.

Stop making assumptions, Jens

Also, technically, you're posting without it contributing. I would say "hypocrite much?", but I'm not that type of guy.

I'm literally not though. @warped_wart_wars and I were simply asking what this is supposed to be.
Honestly, I feel offended.

Bruh, we dont do this. You need to chill out.

Yeah, we know. I know that we dont have any special privileges. Why do you think we think we do?

Honestly, I don't care that you're the main coder of Snap!, I've been in this situation WAY too many times. I'm not going to let people sit there and get me in trouble for things I don't or didn't do. So people like this can just shut up.
Jens, I don't think you're that type of person.

The variable "seitenlange" means "pages long" in German.
The variable "seitenzahl" means "page number" in German.
I might be incorrect though.

But I think the name "franci" is Slovenian. However, the variables still mean the same.

@franci, can you provide the source code for this? Like a project link or something?
Translation (For Slovenian): @franci, lahko navedeš izvorno kodo za to? Kot povezava do projekta ali kaj?
Translation (For German): @franci, kannst du den Quellcode dafür bereitstellen? Wie ein Projektlink oder so?

@here Here's the project link. Use it as you may.

I'm gonna study the code now.

Alright, I've took a look at some stuff and renamed some variables.

Here's my explanation.

The "pages long" variable will be named the "M" variable.
The "page number" variable will be named the "P" variable.

So if I understand clearly, the code will run forever. And basically the script will draw any polygon depending on the value of M. And there is a repeat loop that will repeat the script depending on the value of P. The turtle sprite will move according to the M variable and it will rotate according to the P variable to draw.

EDIT: Uh oh, I think I made the OP (Original Poster) a bit...offended. Why? The project is unshared or is private or something.

Eh, huh?

is a disrespectful, derogatory way to welcome somebody new with their first forum post to our community, especially when you already see that their native language is not English. Also it might well be that they're just not interested in getting feedback from you, perhaps this was just a demo in course showing how you can share projects in the forum. Perhaps this is somebody's first try to publish something. Who knows, I don't and you certainly don't, either. So you don't have to feel provoked to offer an irritated exasperation. You can simply accept that there might be threads in this forum that don't revolve around you, and if you come across something that puzzles you you could ask them nicely, or - consider this! - move on and don't comment.

I'm quite irritated by your reaction to my admonishment. I could've just deleted your comments but I wanted to make you aware that we're a community that cares for each other.

Sorry @franci
I didnt mean to come off as rude

I didnt know this at the time

I'm not giving feedback, I was just confused... Maybe, but shouldn't they just take it down after?

Again, I wasn't irritated, just confused.

I know this, I was just confused

Once again, sorry!

I know this, this is why I didn't come back with an irritated and snarky response. I was just confused, and would have liked a short explanation, same with @warped_wart_wars, and a response (and yes I know they speak german or something) would be caring for the community

Aright, apologies accepted, thank you! Now let's move on together.

damnit @oofpaste249 you were right i was eventually going to argue with jens XD

Very true for me.

Okay folks, I think the names of the variables have NOTHING significant for what the project means. They are just test variables to test stuff. It's like making a project and then putting a Hello World script, even though "Hello World" has nothing to do with the project name, unless the project name is called "HelloWorld".

All the project does is make a polygon depending on the variables.


I think Jens sabotages his message by waiting until he's accumulated anger to the boiling point before saying anything, and then saying too much. I completely believe that you weren't intending to be rude.

But the correct core of Jens's point is that we should all bend over backward (1) to be welcoming to someone's first post, and (2) to be patient with people who obviously aren't native English speakers.

About the second point:

I expect this was meant to mean "I see this is a non-native English speaker so we should be nice about it" but the first time I read it, even I thought it was saying "You're not allowed to post non-English code here." It's easy for me to imagine that that's what @franci probably thought too.

So, bending over backward isn't just an attitude to have; it's a skill that takes some practice. That's why I think Jens was wrong to get angry. But y'all should practice the skill of reading your own writing as if you didn't already know what you meant to say.

You don't ever get to be perfect at it. When we were writing BJC, once a month or so, someone would point out something I'd written that could be misinterpreted, and I did the same for them. It's why we made a point of having someone besides the author review every page.

Oh, okay

Just trying to decipher that code and language. You were confused.

My account on Scratch is back. Well, at least the IP Address. I can't access the account. Only projects and studios and user profiles and...such.

My post isn't really on-topic, but, what do you want from me? I don't know the appropriate place to say this. And I don't really want to keep it secret.

EDIT: Okay, I think it was a glitch with Scratch. Now I can't access it at home using the banned IP address.


Now that I read it again, yeah it kind of looks like that. I'll edit it to make it more clear.