Dev branch is no longer deving

When I go to the url for the dev branch Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
It just takes me to 9.1.0 while still being at the dev branch url
Everything including the page title are just 9.1.0
It worked fine before and took me to the 10.0 test branch but not it doesn’t and idk why

It is like that for me too!

Well that’s not good

Looks like Jens merged the main branch with the dev one overwiting all of the dev branch with the non dev version
Is this a mistake?

we're currently testing a bunch of things in the dev url, and will probably release a little patch with some translation updates later today / this week. Folks, it's nice if you're playing with dev, but please remember, it's ... literally! ... dev, and not meant for you consumers. Feel free to check it out, but don't complain about anything you encounter in dev (it's sometimes totally non-operational, because we use it for something completely internal).

I understand I was just confused as to why it was no longer deving

I understand. I also was a bit confused on why it wasn't deving.

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