Determine RGB values of a specified Pen Hue?

Is there an easy way to determine the RGB values associated with a specified Pen Hue?

I wanted to set Pen Color and the color of the sprite costume to the same color.

I'm currently using this approach.


did you use a forever loop?

what's the pen tip costume? If I had it I could probably help a bit more.

edit, I tried it out with a black circle and it's working just fine.

Yes, the Pen Tip costume is just a circle. The current method works well - changing both the pen color and the costume to the color selected in the color swatches.

However, the process of creating this procedure caused me to wonder if a function existed in Snap! that converted Pen Hue to RGB values.


In the Colors and Crayons library is a block
preloaded libraries script pic preloaded libraries script pic (1)
I guess the vector one should really include the transparency but instead we have
preloaded libraries script pic (2)

Of course if the sprite is wearing the turtle costume, then its color will always match the pen color.

By the way, the set of 100 crayons includes the block category colors:

The Crayon library is great! Thanks!