Detect qr codes

lets get this party started

I don't understand how do I do this, and everytime I try to use it, it says that:

BarcodeDetector is not defined

still workin on it

that was from github. rn making my ownnnnnnnn

Why not do it in Snap!?


Instead of writing it in javascript, try to write it in snap.

well see. that would be no problem if i was importing them. but i want to use my camera

id say using a api is easier

thats because you dont know how

well, there should be a API that uses images in links

just tinker with some apis until something works

if you find a free one lmk

you mean all of them are paid

idk. i barely scratched the surface of using API's idek how to do the qr thing

There is a free API that can read QR codes, like QR code API. I don't know how to use it, it's quite complicated to use.

blocked on my chromebook

Couldn't find more. That's the only QR code decoder I found at public-apis in GitHub. Hopefully I can find one.

Maybe try searching for "free qr code decoder api"?

idk even so its prob blocked for me

Snap! can read your camera.