Detect if a sprite is a clone

How do I detect if an object is a clone or not?

<not<(my[other clones v]::sensing)contains(my[self v]::sensing)::list>>

I used my clones instead of my other clones. I think yours will work :P

A clone doesnt have a clone!(unless it did clone itself)
Or use
[scratchblocks]< (ask(my[parent v]::sensing)for((my[clones v]::sensing)::grey ring)::control)contains(my[self v]::sensing)::list>

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in reality, about 3 minutes, but people take hours when they are not on snap! simultaniously

Yeah. But I have a tab open so that I can understand if there is any notification for me when I am working on my computer.


untitled script pic (19)
or in scratchblocks:
<is (my [parent v] :: sensing) a [sprite v]? :: operators>

guys, you just need to know if the sprite is temporary
temporary sricpt pic
if the sprite is temporary, it's a clone.

actually there are permanent clones. If you right click on a sprite in the sprite corral and press "clone", it will make a permanent clone.

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True, but if you do that, you probably know it's a clone. :~) It's if several sprites are sharing the same scripts that you have to worry about it in your program.

Then there's the technique of using U5 TTT ITIT-TIF solution file script pic, and if you still exist, you weren't a clone!

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So can you do this:
if <(my [temporary? v]::sensing)=< true::operators>>::control

no, you just drop the "my temporary" into the if block.
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Well, yes, you can use "= true." But you don't have to, and so it's better not to.