Design similarities to other forums

I'm just curious but...
Is it just me or is the Snap! Forums' design kind of familiar to another website's forums'?
Is this a template?

We use Discourse software to run the forum, as do a lot of other people.

But its very different personality wise

Yeah, we don't do all that about badges and levels (other than level 0 vs. all the rest).

What do you mean by badges and levels? like that forums thing kumi told me about?Or something else another forum does?

Discourse has a bunch of features we haven't enabled. There are levels 0 (new user) through 4, but really none of them matter except 0 vs. everything else. And there are badges for, you know, first post, 100 replies to posts, stuff like that. All that horrible social media stuff.

please never add them badges

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