Design helper library

For a few days, i worked on this project: Design helper library

For now, 2 types of blocks:

Little move blocks

10 blocks to move your sprite on the screen when you are in a design process.

(4 blocks): You can move the current sprite 1 pixel to the left, right, up, down.

(4 blocks): You can move the current sprite x pixel to the left, right, up, down. Simply enter the number of pixels into the block...

(2 block): Center the current sprite on the stage vertically or horizontally.

These blocks are very simple, they are part of my default project. I don't use these blocks in my code, just to fine tune the location of the sprites on the screen...

Alignment blocks - see demo in the 1st sprite in the project

align 1 or more blocks with another block :

distribute sprites horizontally/vertically on the stage: distribute equally the sprites list on the stage.

distribute free space between sprites horizontally/vertically: distribute equally free space between all the sprites between the top sprite and the bottom sprite.

helper block: to choose a sprite from a list to drop it in variadic inputs.

How to use the variadic input:

You can mix list, helper block, snap object related to sprites(my self, my clones, my neighbors, etc). You can also put a list of sprites into the variadic arrows...


Whan do you want to see in this library ?