Defender Game Teaser Art

I would like to show some teaser art for the main menu of the defender game, I hope you guys like it!

Untitled(2) (2)

Wow, thats disgusting XD

Bruh come on man not the negativity

No its good! But its also kinda gross, but still good!

Its supposed to be gross. its a zombie game

Eh yeah ig.

Pretty good although I think you should get off the bumpy ride that you were on while making this picture to make it again.

Click here if you don't understand

AKA it's kinda messy

yeah i know i was using the snap art engine i will make it cleaner if need be.

I like it the way it is imo

Honestly, I couldn't make that. Im more of a vector arts guy, not a bitmap guy

I like the way it is too but if enough critisism is added to make it cleaner then i will if need be

You dont have to, its what you want to do

This looks amazing! Can't wait to play!

And I get to help him :D

Well... that is... if he shows up because I am waiting outside for him