Default values for "Snap!" procedure types

Hi. This refers to the "Snap!" input type dialog. Why is it not possible to use a default value when I write higher order procedures - e. g. a boolean "true" in a ring slot as a default predicate? It could be possible that I simply didn 't find the right way to achieve this. Thanks in advance.

The thing about ring slots is that they only report the actual block itself. For ringed inputs, Snap! doesn't care about the value of the thing in the ring, just that there is a thing in the ring, and so it doesn't bother to assign a default value, as a default value for a ring would be a block (however we aren't allowed to assign blocks as default values right now).

I hope I explained it clearly, and correctly.

makes sense to me

It is something we hope to support someday, though. We just haven't gotten to it yet.

There has been great progress: Jens has progressed from "No! Never!" to "yeah, that'd be nice to have." :~)


I forgot to say that my issue's nature was educational. In this case a default input (e. g. a boolean "true" in a ring slot) could be a nice prototype.