Default drop-down options, no more blank in drop-downs

So when making a drop-down in a block id like to have the ability to have the default option in the block be one of the drop down options
Maybe by adding > before the option when you are adding them could make it auto select so there is no longer a blank space when you have it, or if the default value that you input is identical to one of the drop-down options then it could remove it entirely.
It’s a simple change, but having nothing in the dropdown can break some blocks

You can give a default value to an input with a menu same as you can for any other input type. The default value doesn't even have to be something in the menu, although that's a little weird because once you change what's in that slot you can't get the default back.

About the empty input slot, we always include that as a possibility because the higher order functions take an empty input slot to mean that items from the input list should be substituted into it, and this lets us allow substitution into menu inputs.

Ah that makes sense, I never understood why it was there but it makes some more sense now

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