Deep copy without id method

I'm using Snap Edgy for a project. And i can't get the clone block to work. It returns a Reporter did not report error.

  • I need to make a deep copy of a dictionary (or a list, but not preferably)
    • I do not have access to the id of [ ] block. as it is not in the Edgy environment
    • I have access to the map block though

How can I make a deep copy of my dictionary? or fix the clone block?

What have you tried that didn't work?

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

Could you post a link of an example project (just needs to be a demo of the issue - not your full project) with a few comments as to what is needed

Also, could you change category to

no block for id, map, keep

manual copy of the list item by item:

You could make a recursive block to do it. (I'll make it in regular Snap! and edit this post to add a script pic.)

Edit: Here:

Thank you

This works well :+1:

But loucheman's solution makes a shallow copy. If you really need a deep copy, you should use warped_wart_wars's solution.

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