December TOTM

Yeah now there shall be december totm
It must not be as lame as the november one(only one page???)

mobile game theme? i can make a banner and everything one sec

I suggest Advent of code month!



It'll be clones, I'm working on a banner, it will be ready tomorrow.


p.s.: feel free to suggest something for January :slight_smile:

oooh, interesting!

Sooo i was bored and made this

although yours will probably be better. Can't wait to see what you make!

january should be ducks - like the bird that goes quack

I like that idea :)

I will have to reread the manual :slight_smile:

Yeah! I like clones!

Sorry, it took me a little longer, but get your projects ready, December's TOTM is clones:

Looking forward to all your projects <3

Hey, can i see all the banners for the totms this year?

Hm let me see. I'll try to reconstruct :slight_smile:

TOTM Banners 2022

January: Space

February: Squares

March: Chocolate

May: Hats

June: Flowers

July: Rainbows

August: Points

September: Microphone

October: Stars

November: Books

December: Clones

I can't find one for April, but I have the feeling we skipped one month this year.

And since we're at it anyway, here's the rest of the TOTM banners from 2020/2021 that I could find on my computer.

December 2020: Cut and Paste

January 2021: Board Games

February 2021: Love

March 2021: Nature

July 2021: Celebration

August 2021: Snap! Olympics

October 2021: All about Fish

I'm missing "holidays" from December 2021. For the remaining months I can't find anything anywhere. Maybe we skipped these too :wink:
If somebody knows one of the missing TOTMs, let me know.

Thanks! have you decided the totm for january? if not, may i suggest one? i can also make the banner for it

what about the bird that goes hoot :(


lmao if i was on this site when this happened this would probably the only totm i would publish

you're missing hats too, or maybe that was from this year

what about tiny paws up a hill