[Debunked] Custom block saying it's a duplicate even though it isn't

I made a min/max block for my project, that allows for text strings as well, and it has a little (2) after the name (image). This usually means the block is a duplicate. Except it isn't. The spec,
%'a' %'which' %'b', appears nowhere else in the blocks. Why is this happening?
(Here is a project link.)

Is it clashing with the new min/max blocks behind relabel maybe?

JFI - the in the up coming 6.6 release then min/max primitives have been upgraded to do text as well

The min/max blocks behind relabel are number-type inputs, and the middle part is text instead of a dropdown.
Also, I'm pretty sure the relabel options also count as primitives, so they wouldn't be able to clash with custom blocks.

Try recreating it in a brand new project and see what happens

It worked in a new project, I wonder why didnt it work on the other one?

its clashing with the raincoat predicate block

Neither of them actually contain any text fields so I'm assuming that is why it thinks they are the same

PS I accidently must have pressed the notify block and was very surprised when I seemed to get a message from Alonso himself! :slight_smile: I thought I'd been hacked!!! :slight_smile:

I added $- in between each of the parameters and it seemed to work. Not that noticeable either. Thanks!