"Debugging" my code and fixing the list

Hello! I have a coding game but my items won't go onto the list that I have. It seems like I have the right code based off of some of my other games that work but no matter how many times I have tried to debug it, it still won't add. If anyone can help me within the next 2 hours before my project is due t 8pm, that would be amazing. Thank you! [https://snap.berkeley.edu/snapsource/snap.html#present:Username=pkeston25&ProjectName=Creative%20Freedom%20Project%20Parker%20and%20Sarah%20Dog%20House%20Adventure]

You haven't coded them to go into the list. If you want them to disappear when you click them, you can use:

if <touching [mouse pointer]> and <mouse down>
add(my [self]) to (collected toys)

and put that in the 'repeat' block in the 'empty room' receiver.
Then you must use an event listener to check if all the toys have been collected:

when <(length of (collected toys)) > (8)>
//Run what ever your next stage is.

Not the best way of coding it, but it'll work.

In the code, I have it so that my sprites should switch costumes and go to a specific spot when they receive the broadcast but currently, what is happening is that one of the sprites adds to the list and switches costumes but does not go to the designated spot. Why is this? Is it possible that there is a visual that might show what I need? Thank you!

Ok. I'll have a look.

Thank you!

Is it the same project as the link above? I cannot find the code you are talking about. Could you leave a comment in the code to show me where it is? Thanks!

I don't know how to leave a comment in the code because I am fairly new to coding but the link should be the same. It is the code right after you complete the maze and when you switch to the empty room but I can add another link just in case. https://snap.berkeley.edu/snapsource/snap.html#present:Username=pkeston25&ProjectName=Creative%20Freedom%20Project%20Parker%20and%20Sarah%20Dog%20House%20Adventure

I don't get what you want it to do. It looks fine to me. Could you be a bit clearer please?
It would make it a lot easier if you added some comments in the code.
To make a comment: right click on an empty area of the code editor, then click 'add comment'.

I added a comment around the beginning of where it says to add the shoe to the list. I hope it helps! Thanks!!

Your looping isn't quite right - try changing

to something like

Thank you so much for your help!