data storing blocks

I think you should add a block that can broadcast data to another block, currently scratch auto has this feature when you make your own block.

This is a feature request for the forums? I'm confused. As you say, we can do that already in Snap!.

He means Mesh.

You sure? It doesn't sound like that to me.

Im not sure.

I mean for the coding, but it autoput forums, sorry I will change it

also, my post got auto corrected -_-

wouldn't that be copying scratch though?

no I meant something else WHY IS AUTOCORRECT SO MEAN

no i mean the feature your requesting

IK I did not mean to say scratch lol


I meant a block that could transfer a script to another block without having to write that scrip again cause that plain annoying

oh I see now

You can create a variable for the script and do:
run (script) :: control

oh ok, thanks

can't you turn off autocorrect?

lol no, my typing settings are blocked for some reason.

wow, that's weird