data as morph/xml

When I add a datatype in an extension, it appears as [object Object]. In hashtable, I made a fix that makes it display as a string. How do I make it display as a custom morph?

By default, a javascript object can be stored in a variable, but it cannot be serialized. How do I serialize and parse a custom datatype in a snap extension?

I do in fact intend to use hashtables for these, but probably others as well.


Hmm, do you want to make your own Morph? Maybe you can read Morphic.txt. I think it lets you know more about the morphs in Snap!.

I know how to make a morph, but I don't know how to change the data as morph for some custom object. I also don't know how to serialize and parse custom objects in XML.

Ooh, sorry I don't know that either. But interesting though, could you tell me how if you figured it out?

var CustomMorph;
function CustomMorph(arg) {
    this.init(arg); // or many args
CustomMorph.prototype = new Morph(); // or any other morph
CustomMorph.prototype.uber = Morph.prototype;

CustomMorph.prototype.render = function () { // etc.