Darkmode for the snap website

Im currently using dark mode for the subforums.

everytime i open the snap website...



anyway i think dark mode for the snao website would be good so i dont have to go to the eye doc. 57382944385382 times a month.

(most of this is a joke but dark mode would be cool)

idk reply pls

You can use a extension, I use SnapFox

You can install a dark mode extension in your favorite browser. I use "Dark Reader" in Chrome, and "Dark Background and Light Text" in Firefox.

oh ok.

Just don't use the computer at night and turn down the brightness. Also if you are in a dark bedroom, and you are looking at your bright screen even after it has been toned down to the minimum, turn on a light that could illuminate your room!

The use itself computer in the night isn't good for health, by the way

Oh yeah, that too!

It... isn't?

Bluelight can affect how long it takes you to go to sleep.


In my experience, it doesn't really. I stay up till 12-1 staring at a screen, and I can fall asleep in... idk, but then again, I've been doing this for a few years, so I don't know how long it would take me if I didn't do this.

Same for me, (not every day, though.) but I sometimes stay up till around 4AM staring at my screen, watching videos.

Same. I can fall asleep pretty soon after watching videos on my phone. I guess it just differs from person to person.

Same here, except I can't fall asleep until midnight to 2AM when I don't stay up late. Thus I wake up at around noon most days. (Today's an exception because I woke up about three hours ago, then got up an hours ago.

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