Dark theme on Snap! Forums

This exact problem has been bugging me out since i used Dark theme:

This image shows how buggy the Dark theme is. I know, Snap! Forums uses a Forum engine, but the other Forums that uses this Engine had no problems with Dark theme at all, and is used to being Dark theme...

Please, i don't wanna burn my eyes using Light theme again... And also i need a Dark theme to the main site too.

Are you using any browser extensions /userscripts that might be interfering?

Dark theme works fine on my Windows PC/Vivialdi (chrome baseds) setup

What page is that that your trying to display?

If i were to use those, the text would've been pink:

Unread messages tab from Home menu.

And yes, Enabling Light theme and using Dark theme extensions work, but its not "Dark" enough:

What happens if you try a different browser?

Edge, Opera, Opera GX, and Safari are built with Chromium. Same with Chrome, returns sameresults

i never had any problems with dark mode. check your browser preferences. i think there are settings which control how pages are displayed.

Could you clarify- do you get the same issue in a different browser?

Dang, i think fast. sorry

I also have a similar issue.

  1. Navigation bar text colors are dark, with the background dark, making text hard to see.

  2. The reply's background is white, although the text boxes and the preview has a dark background.

  3. Icons are gray in a red background (also hard to see)

  4. Quotes have a white header

  5. "Last visit" has a white background

Very strange, and Discourse is gonna fix it.

Edit: By the way, I'm not using any extensions nor userscripts at all.

its fine for me


its probably hardware related


Works for me, with the Dark Reader extension on or off, with slight details about how the text looks, but both are mainly white on black.


software is programs on a computer, hardware is physical electronics.

sorry, I just don't like it when people mix them up.

i know?

im pretty sure it is something with the physical device that causes it to glitch like that

no, it's most likely the browser or the os.

Probably Windows 11, Google Chrome, or Extensions. Probably it's one of them...

have you tried disabling all your extensions?