D' Directions Contribution

Can you contribute for my rhythm game D' directions? I will find improvements for you.

fionnhodgson - cursed keygen

What's that? The song file? (You can share the song file via a Snap! project)

text isn't a song file, it's the name of the song that you can look up
here's the song in a project, compressed as much as i could take it before it started sounding bad (project limit is 10mb so compression is pretty important)


Bassline - DodecaDev

you can download it here.
Bassline | DodecaDev just press buy digital track and input 0 (there is no minimum)

I cannot put a paid song into the game :frowning:

You can.
If the author is angry bh will tell you to remove that song,but not now.

Yeah, but they might've always been copyrighted.

its not paid, you can get it for free. i literally made the song

even if dodecadev didn't make the song, it's a cc by 3.0 license, all you'd need to do is put the song name and link to the license in the project notes like i did with cursed keygen

Hi everyone. I think I'm going to get songs from Wikimedia. If you need collaboration you can contribute for features in d-directions.

alrighty then