Custom Sprite Dragging Block

I made a new custom block that allows you to customize sprite dragging!

the threshold should not be determined by the center of the sprite, instead, how far the mouse moved since clicking.

In fact, it's much simpler than the original way

(I felt like the threshold should be the same distance as the input)

edit: and here's a modified version that works with pen down.

great block though.

This is already fixed in my project, I just haven't published it yet (had to eat lunch), but nevertheless thanks for the help.

ah, ok. And you're welcome.

Seems the update actually broke it, I'm going to revert the changes

to be honest, I didn't even see the update. I don't know why the project wasn't updating (which is why I didn't reply).


Test post (for rssmii)

Nice! I like all the options.

It reminded me of this long-ago effort of mine:

Nice! I did find a bug in it though... If you hold your mouse down before the mouse touches the sprite, and then hover your mouse over (while still holding down the mouse), it thinks I'm picking the sprite up. So I thought, "maybe this is in my project as well", I checked, and it was, so I fixed it.

The block has been updated

This has been fixed.