Custom help

when u right click a block u get a dropdown including help
how do i change that for my custom blocks

Add a comment that is attached to the block definition

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but how do you add pictures to it

you can't. sorry.

The ability to add pictures to comments (at least script pictures) is something we all want, but like everything else, it's waiting for all the emergencies to settle down.

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You can put URLs in custom block help, and in the help box, you can click it.

That doesn't seem to work for me - url text isn't clickable

it's clickable, it's just hard to click the right spot.

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Yep - it does work if I click the h - not really usable though

Strange; Google ( or is the only website I tested where it works on the h but not anywhere else.

I'm done making my project but my project won't save.
What should I do to make my project save?

Well, first of all, you're asking a new question, so you should start a new thread for it; otherwise, people might not notice!

But to answer your question, the first thing to do is save the project to your computer's local disk. In the "Save as..." dialog, click "Computer" at the left, instead of "Cloud." Then you can have as big a project as you want. But you won't be able to publish your project on our web site unless you make it smaller. Usually when a project is too big it's because you have a lot of pictures or sounds that you don't really need.

thank you but here's another problem that I just got I forgot to verify my account within 3 days what should I do

I verified you. Enjoy.

why are u posting this on my topic?

this is titled custom help and categorized as help with Snap and this is a problem that I ran into basically I'm using what this topic is supposed to be used as for me to get help with things that I run into that I need help with

Assume good faith. (Really. Follow the link.)

It's obvious to me that the cause of this unpleasantness is that @bulbasaur, who's pretty new here, doesn't fully understand the difference between a category and a thread. That's something, @billybot21, that you could have helped with, instead of attacking with such language as "my topic." Like this:

"Help with Snap!" is the name of a category. Within that category there are many threads, each of which is a particular request for help. I can understand that the distinction is particularly hard to keep straight when, coincidentally, the first thread in the list of threads in that category includes the word "help," which refers not to the user who posted it needing help in general, but to the fact that the question was about the Snap! feature that allows users to provide a help text that is shown when a user selects "Help" from a custom block's right-click menu.

When you're looking at the "Help with Snap!" category list, up near the top right corner is a button labelled "New Topic." That's what you should do the next time you want to ask a new question.

See how it's done? Note "what you should do the next time" rather than "what you should have done," making the recipient feel still welcomed into the community rather than pilloried.

okay I'm sorry