Custom hats and caps

Please add custom hats and custom caps and also to view code of the primitive blocks.
This feature will be useful for organising scripts.
And to view how does the primitive blocks works.
Thanks in Advance!scratchblocks%20(1)

Definite support for caps, but how will the hats be programed? Will they be run each frame as if predicates in the primitive {when <>]


This is the way we can create the custom hat.
$hat when <> like this.
And for cap there would a options in the entering name and type of the block pop-up.


We have the WHEN block to solve the custom hat problem.

As for custom caps, what's the point? Just aesthetics? Because you don't need a cap block at the end of a script.

I can ask the same question about predicates, or why you need caps.
It documents the use case.
I shouldn't write a <stop sign clicked> block that can only be used in {when <stop sign clicked>]

We can use the red flag instead of stop sign. Can't we?