Custom hat blocks

Look, I know that has been requested so many times, but snap7 adds the NEW CATEGORIES feature, and It would be nice to add an "events category or something." also,

reasons by YOU why the when <> block is not enough

The problem is, how would you define the block?

If block

I'm sorry, but could you spell out what those quotations have to do with generic WHEN being inadequate?

I think he/she just wants a custom hat block with it's own text and stuff.

So you're saying something like this?


Well to be honest, that might not work very well for a new user, even with some edits. I still think the generic when block works fine, and makes sense to new users.

Instead of this you could just REPORT <MOUSE DOWN?>. :~)

Not all users are new users, also why does the JavaScript function exist if it won't work well with new users?
Also, why can't it start with an if block like a custom reporter block does with the report block?

I know, I was just trying to visualize whet @joecooldoo said.

That's true, but new users should be the first thing to think of when making a programming language, especially one that appeals to kids.

True, but you're forgetting about this part

and this part

also I'm still kind of new, and the JavaScript function looks absolutely horrifying to me. I'm not saying it should be removed, though.

I was more focused on the first part.

It's hidden under a toggle called javascript extensions.

It could, but I'd prefer not to use an if block when defining a hat block.

how else would you make it?
also you can remove it just like you can report block.

I don't know, but right now, a generic when blocks makes more sense than a custom hat block.

some people just want this.

They probably will not be added.
But in the slight chance they are, it will most likely be added in 8.0+, which is a long time.

Don't worry, we're not removing features because they might be too complicated for beginners. Otherwise we wouldn't have first class continuations!

But when designing a new feature, it's worthwhile asking yourself "how simple can we make this?" And also "what's a compelling, self-documenting visual representation of this feature?" I always point to the right-then-up arrow at the bottom of REPEAT and FOREVER, etc., to remind you that this is a looping construct (as opposed to, say, IF) as one of the small brilliant design decisions in Scratch. For us, it was easy to decide that we wanted lambda, but it wasn't easy at all to work out the visual representation.

Or just use "if Mouse Down?" or "when Mouse pressed" or something like that.