Custom blocks with dropdown inputs

I wonder if there is a way to make custom blocks with dropdown inputs, like in the "go to sprite" block.

I know there is a real way to do it because of the animation and pixel libraries. However, when I go inside the image block's source code, I see this

<input type="%s" readonly="true">

This is confusing for me, because there is no separation between the options, so I don't know how it works. Does it separate them using the "if" statements inside the block?

The way to make pulldown inputs is explained on page 39 of the Reference Manual.

But what about the switch to costume [turtle v] block?
It can't be remade.

Oh. Yes. Letting users have access to such lists is on our short list. Not the next release (almost ready), but soon.

The right thing, if we can manage it, is that instead of an explicit list you can specify a reporter that reports the list of options.

actually, hang on... this might be ready for the next release coming up soon... :slight_smile: (not the reporter version just yet, but access to those special drop-downs)

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