Custom blocks (Part 1)

how do you make the case-sensitive index block?


I also suggest a boolean that detects if BIGNUMS is on. Like this:
blockJS-2.0 script pic (5)

that only works if you want it case sensitive. By using the one in the stings library, it's not.

For a much less clunky way, use the (find first item in) block


Can you add an option to resize the custom dialog boxes?

I wouldn't say that, but I wouldn't know how to do it.

Oh. Can you make a custom dialog block that reports the button pressed?

Not really, but there's a simple (ish) workaround:
image -->

Actually, I guess I could make a non-javascript (kinda) block using this. Hang on

The block itself doesn't use javascript, but it has blocks in it that use javascript.


Can you add a block that acts like the blockJS-4.0 script pic (1) block but with sprites? It should also include the edge option. Like this:
blockJS-4.0 script pic

Sorry, I don't know how to make the bounce part of it. (Way more complicated than you might think.)

untitled script pic (19)

This is already a primitive! Just use
untitled script pic (20)
The definition is also unnecessarily complicated.
Also, if you turn off the negative? and decimal? flags, the block basically loses all meaning, since it just reports 1. Why even have those?

untitled script pic (21)

There's a much simpler way to make this definition:

The "reverse string" block is missing a definition.

untitled script pic (29)

This can be done much more easily:
untitled script pic (24)

untitled script pic (23)

Why don't you just use untitled script pic (26)?

untitled script pic (27)

Can be simplified:
untitled script pic (28)

Because untitled script pic (26) has precision issues. The blocks I made simply make precision better.

Okay, sorry for all of that. Here are some blocks that deal with multilines.
blockJS-5.0 script pic (2)

Will you add my textbox blocks?

(var is a text variable dropdown input)

(box is a read-only number input)
(Playing with morphs is so fun!)