Custom Blocks By Joecooldoo

I made some blocks!
(No JS!)

EDIT: This has been fixed

change center x/y by actually does set center x/y to

no, i tried and it just changes it.

change by should take the current value, add the new value, and set value to the result.

I fixed that bug

Nice -- I'd forgotten you can test modifier keys that way. But the ones about data would be much simpler if you learned to love functional programming:

Custom Blocks script pic
windows 7 and vista has multiple screensavers, i think you are recreating the "mystify" screensaver from windows vista and up

uh, change center x is just setting the rotation x to the value (also, you don't have to do

there's already a way to set the rotation x without the (my) reporter

Added new "Distance Color Map" Block!