Custom Blocks, Again

To run blocks you need JS. Not all of them use JS though. Lots of credits to @fsul for the cloud vars.

"people who ran this block" or "people who have run this block"

Don't use fsul's cloud vars.

Why are you so against it? Also I have already started to use them in around 7 other projects and they are the only ones I know how to use.

Sigh @fsul doesn't own the server his cloud vars use. @jens said it himself but I think the post was deleted.


It's bad to hijack someone else's server.

Jens was opposed to using fsul's cloud vars.

But am I still allowed to use them?

we are not supposed to @ Jens

he did it in 7 projects and he can't understand the others just leave him be.

crash snap isnt gunna work for some computers.

I don't know, but it's frowned upon.

@programmer_user could you help with this?

He has not been online since August 9th. Plus, why are you trying to get backup? Can't do it alone?

I tracked down a snippet of Jen's warning about the Uni Gottingen cloud variables from this message. Whether or not the original post is deleted or simply private, I don't know, but I'm guessing it was taken down to prevent people from getting any ideas about using these blocks, which might explain why I remember fsul having posted here about the cloud variables they created, and why I can't seem to find that post anymore.

And as for, "malicious scripts that abuse JavaScript to cause havoc on browsers," that was referring to a script that would crash your browser if you attempted to See Inside (this was to prevent people from modifying the cloud variables in an undesirable manner). So not only are the Uni Gottingen cloud blocks a no-go, but so is that crash snap block.

Delete ing crash Snap! also the point is can I still use the cloud vars even though I shouldn’t but I have already made several projects with them.

I will switch using fsuls if I find new cloud vars that I can use and are easy to use.

Also please get on topic. Are the blocks useful? I did not make this to be judged for using the cloud vars I made it to help others with useful blocks.

I think @18001767679 has cloud vars on his own server that you can use.