Custom Block parameter spacing

The "new lIne" image option in the Custom Blocks / Create Input Name category works the first time it is used, but does not skip a line if used more than once.

I wanted to to leave some blank space between the header and parameter rows.

My objective: image What's happening: image

Block Definition:
Is there a way to achieve that ?

I was able to achieve some resemblance by using a cludgy definition of:

Here I resorted to $.-0.5.247-0-133 coding to make a small dot of the background color.
But it would have been cleaner with a properly working new line.

I don't know if it is a bug or not, but from what I have observed, the "new line" only works when there is a field (Title or Input) in front of it.


$nl $- $nl will work and is slightly less messy than your otherwise similar solution.

Given that there's a simple workaround, don't hold your breath for this behavior to be changed. I'm not sure I'd even call it a bug, given that the purpose of $nl is to let the user decide where to break a line that's too long instead of Snap! breaking it at some random place. We weren't thinking about users exercising fine control over vertical spacing.

Anyway, multiple newlines are a pretty coarse control. What you should really do is take a trick from us TeX hackers and use a strut: a background-color rectangle of width 0 (or 1 if that fails) and precisely the height for the spacing you want, by controlling the font size of the strut.

Your ( nl - $nl ) way worked very nicely ! Thx.

Wasn't my idea, it was... oops I forget, sorry.

Hi @bh
Rhetorical question:
I understand your strut suggestion, but have no idea how one would apply it in the context of Custom Block definition ?

Oh... Take a vertical bar | character and adjust its font size to match the height you want? In the background color, as you were doing already.

might be me you're thinking of lol, i do a lot of hacky stuff with parameters and display

No, read the post that started this thread!