Custom block categories look like regular categories

I edited a screenshot as an example of what i mean

1 and 2 categories are custom, but look like regular categories.

Can you make custom block categories act and look like regular categories?

What would it look like if the user creates a category with a long name?

It would scroll the text when selected

and like joe said it would scroll when selected

Yeah, there would be benefits to using only half the space for category names, but on balance (after looking at SciSnap, NetsBlox, and other extensions that define their own categories) we decided that the disadvantage of cutting off long category names outweighs the (purely cosmetic) virtue of half-width custom categories.

Maybe the ideal would be to use a half-width button if the name fits in it, but a full-width button if not. Or maybe the ideal would be to use full width if any of the custom categories is too wide for a half-width button. But the added complexity seems not worth it.

One advantage of the current format is that you can tell at a glance that there are custom categories in the project or library you loaded.


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