if someone could find a way to make this any faster or look better it would help out a lot

That's very impressive!

I think you're asking a lot, though, for someone to read that one huge long script with no modularity and no (internal) documentation! I wouldn't know where to begin.

i should probably add comments, however most block reorganization is out the window, i've especially noticed that every lambda call is surprisingly slow

two things i should take from that is i should probably try replacing those tell blocks with broadcasts, and i should test whether the slowness is from creating the lambda, calling it, or both

EDIT: made some improvements both in code and visuals, they don't seem to have shown up on the community site yet but if you edit it'll show just fine

What about calling a regular old custom block? Is that equally slow?

Nice animation though! Try to make Blender using Snap! (someday).