CSV tools

Does things to CSVs


Sort by a column.

Apply a function to a column.

Adding columns, deleting columns, reversing the data, and applying a function to a column.

Keep items within a selected index.

Keep items that satisfy a boolean and sort the result.

Adding columns between other columns.

Filling data with random numbers.

Adding data to a index in a column.

no offense. but i feel its just simpler to convert the csv to a list and use the already in snap operations

I don't see why you wouldn't use the library. It seems like it was made to make dealing with csv data easier than the regular snap operations.

but there usually isnt a point in dealing with csv because you can just deal with the list

I would prefer not doing this when I need to sort a CSV and save the pain for other people trying to do the same

A library doesnt need to be useful to you but sometimes when you're searching for a specific thing, you'll be glad that someone has actually done it

Also, you can convert the CSV into a dictionary in the library if you particularly hate CSVs