Creating Snap! instance with MQTT

Basically creating a Snap! instance but in a server which supports MQTT (without more delays). I think NetsBlox (i don't think Replit is a good idea). Any help?

Also, how do I import Snap! source code in there?

netsblox is snap. it's just modified

Yes, seems obsolete because I want the last version to work. Other options?

you could open a chrome tab in replit vnc and open snap from within there.

Do I create a Repl first?


Language? Or template


What do I do now?

try looking up google chrome on my profile and fork that
(I forgot I had that)

Is that a Repl?

I thought your Replit browser stopped working.

hmm? what are you talking about?

Weird, I can't find the repl anymore. From what I recall, the last time I tried to run it, it did not run- on multiple computers, mind you- and I had no idea what the issue was.

EDIT: I think I was looking at a different repl. Sorry!
EDIT 2: So I looked at the Google Chrome repl you sent, and it was, in fact, the one I wasn't able to run.

Hmmm... So how should I copy Snap! source code into a server with Replit?

Is that an image? My computer cannot show it

hmm the forum did something weird with the link
I fixed it

I've forked it

replace the url with snap