Creating objects

here I made a library to create and manipulate different types of objects (clones + sprites) in a simple way. Hope you enjoy!

also you should probably look at the project before reading this (for context)

I made a reporter version and command version of the delete object block for snap purposes and for those just coming from scratch, respectively.

Also I know the project says that it was shared like 2 years ago but I have no idea why it says that. I think because I used a block from one of my old projects.

So yeah, now you can

also I changed my pfp hopefully it looks good can anyone guess where its originally from (not my scratch account)

Your PFP is the Firefox 404 Website not Found page

note that 404 pages are defined by the site, not by the browser. also, 404 is Not Found, not Website Not Found, because if the website (aka domain) isn't found, you won't even have a response, let alone a response code

its the website not found, not 404 website not found. but close enough

on an old version or what? because this is mine

yeah they removed it sadly

How can OBJECT MYSELF not be the current object? I guess you could
is that what you mean?

I think they mean the sprite that is currently selected in the ide (the one the user is editing).

The one selected in the IDE is OBJECT MYSELF, unless inside a TELL or equivalent. No?

@sathvikrias: Why would you want to make a deleted clone?

OBJECT MYSELF is the sprite that ran that script, not necessarily the one currently selected in the IDE.

I know. My point is, the way that OBJECT MYSELF got into your program is that you dragged it into the scripting area, so unless you do something special such as TELL, it will be the IDE-current sprite.

no reason really... I just wanted to see what the block would report :person_shrugging:

I mean, all I was trying to say was I partially (but not fully) replicated the BYOB block because this new block can delete sprites but it cannot delete the current sprite because you cannot set the parent of an object to the object itself.

I see. I guess I don't understand why you have to change the parent at all.

You have to change the parent in order to make it temporary, which will remove it from the sprite corral. After that, you just have to tell the sprite to delete this clone.

Not on mobile they didn't.

I know this my bad chill bro

Wait, what? Temporary clones can (in fact, must) have parents too! To make it temporary you just TELL it to
untitled script pic (3)

I know, I was explaining how in order to delete a sprite, you have to give it a parent, then set it to temporary, then you can use the delete this clone block. You can't make a sprite temporary if it doesn't have a parent.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

I know I started this thread two weeks ago, but I updated the project again: you can now delete the current sprite (but not the stage of course), and the delete block runs much faster.