Creating accounts for kids at a code club

Hi, I am starting a code club for a group of 5 children. They are elementary school age, 7 to 11. I will send a letter to their parents explaining the usefulness to the children of having a Snap account. I am going to suggest to them that they can create the account themselves for their child. I will provide a link to your site to enable them to do this. This will step round the issue that the children may not have email accounts themselves and will put the parents in the driving seat.

However, not all parents are up to this task and I may have some children that need me to help them set up their accounts. It is not at all necessary for me to know their passwords or any other information about their account but will be necessary for me to use my own email for the verification process.

The code club is not based in a school. It is run by a volunteer, me, at a public library. It is possible that I could use the library's email address rather than my own personal email if required.

Could you advise the best way to get the children's accounts set up where their parents don't do it for them please?

I think it's fine for you to use your email address for the accounts, supposing that's okay with the kids' parents.

Sounds like fun, although maybe the kids are a little young for anonymous functions. :~)

Brian, thank you so much for your prompt reply. Really helpful and much appreciated. I'm sticking my neck out a bit by starting with Snap instead of Scratch. I'm going to start with Turtle graphics, if it was good enough for Seymour Papert it's good enough for me! It's possible that the kids will have already encountered Scratch at school and (a) I wanted to avoid going over the same things as their teachers are doing and (b) I just think Snap is so cool! I love it. I was a programmer all my working life, now retired. There are just so many possibilities in Snap. Whether I shall get to do many of them with my very young students I don't know. But, I'm going to try! I'll come back to the forum with a review in a few months time, it might be of interest to you and the other forum users. Anyway, thanks again for the advice on signing them up. Just about to send out the forms to the parents asking for permission to open accounts. First meeting very soon. Crossing my fingers it will be a success and have lots of material prepared so hopefully it will be all okay.

I'll be eager to see your report!