Creating a Vertical Slider ?

I needed a vertical slider for a project. I created one in the manner illustrated in the image below. (The sprite is a button that serves as the slider and is set to "not drag-able" so that it does not move horizontally.) Are there better / more efficient methods for creating a slider of this kind?


Instead of using the "distance < 10 " condition you may want to use the "touching mouse pointer" condition, because the blue costume may be wider than 10, if resized.

Hi @glenbull,
The basic behaviour of your slider sprite could be:

Just adjusting minPosition and maxPosition to the y coordinates of your slider background.

Of course, beyond moving, you can set the value! In a generic way:


That truly is a delight ... it works very smoothly and intuitively! Thanks.

Then all you need is the ability to make more than one of them:
min value and max value should be sprite-local variables of master slider as should Joan's VerticalSliderVar.

Yes! Very nice!