Creating a Snap fork on Github

(sorry for asking this, I'm really am a newbie when it comes to GitHub)

I'm trying to fork (again, I did it 10 years ago and it worked) Snap! but when I do I get this message

What is a "destination" in Github? If I click the bottom link, I go to my old fork. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

AFAIK your only allowed to have one fork per upstream project

So, normally, if you have a previous fork - you re-sync it instead

Thanks for remembering me this. I had another project I was working several years ago on and, to have more than one fork, I had to create different accounts on github. I don't understand why this is necessary.

Be careful with that, because github has in their terms of use that you can't have free alt accounts. I have had an alt account, and both my alt and my main account got banned. I had to delete my alt account to get my main account unbanned.

You should instead create organizations instead, because those are kind of like accounts, but not.

Is it like this even now? In my github menu I can find "add account" and "switch account".

Well the terms say

Meaning you can have multiple accounts, but you are supposed to pay for them.

Just to be clear, I have been banned before for creating a second account, so I don't want anyone else to go through the same problem.

I understand. But I'm not paying for any account.

I know that GitLab has no such limitation. You could try to create a new repo, then select import -> url, then type in the new URL. after that, name it, and you're off!

(Or, just use git clone on your local computer and not use an online provider.)

You may not have more than one free account.

Microsoft being Microsoft.