Create VARs in Program

I was testing creating script vars in program and realized that while they get created, assigned values, and listed OK in the Pause All debug cycle, they DO NOT show on screen via blocks SHOW var __ .
However, they do display on screen OK if the respective varname is clicked in the debug menu.

I am not sure if this is a bug or wrong use by me.

After clicking on the var names in the debug menu:

This is a bug maybe because the editor had upgraded today.

@jguille2, this is for you, I think.

@18001767679: I'd be surprised if the 6.0 editor is the problem, but along with it, we installed a revision to the create-vars library, and that might have a bug.


Yes, I'm sorry about that.
The problem is the new blocks "show var (editable name)" and "hide var (editable name)" are not running ok with the "script" scope.

Yes they need JS code to access to that scope, and now I see they are made with direct Snap! blocks.
I'm checking now if it was a problem with the last PR (and they are not the "final" candidates) or I have to fix it.

Well, you have five hours... :~P

I'm JS coding.
It will be in half an hour... (tested!)


Just do it!

See (
@jens and @bh

Thanks, Joan, I've just pulled it!