Create a Shared Link

Hi! How can I create a link to share (for a game) and play it, for example, on cellphone or other computer without the need to login?


In the Open dialog, select the project and click the Share button. The URL bar at the top of the browser will turn into a sharable link anyone can load.

Thats why I wasnt able to find it lol. I was searching in the export and save as menu. Thanks a lot!

By the way, I learned about the existence of that option (sharing a link for a game) in the SAP tutorial (but they didnt tell how to do it, thats why I asked). They also say that you can create a link to play in the cellphone, the problem is that in the cellphone the size is not correct, it cutes part of the image. Is that normal isnt it? From what I understand in previous topics, snap is not optimized to play/work in android.

I wouldn't want to do my programming on a phone, but running a finished project is supposed to work.

When I clicked in the share link and open it in my cellphone, I will see the code and the option to see the stage in a bigger view (you know, the arrows to expand the view). When I do that and click in the green flag, the view will be cutted somehow. I will not see totally the stuff. I can post a picture.

Yes, please.

The share link is supposed to open in presentation mode (full screen stage).

I'm actually really pleasantly surprised by how well it works!
I was running a project on a phone, saw it had a minor bug, and fixed it just like that!

Maybe your fingers are smaller than mine? :~)

So here you have the pics. What do you think? Thanks!

Well, I'm not surprised things didn't fit in portrait orientation!

Landscape mode kind of works, and I bet you could see the bottom by scrolling down. Two fingers, I think?

But yeah, we could try to shrink the stage so that all of it would fit. Someday.

No, neither with two fingers or the like. But no problem, I was just checking if the game could be on a cellphone.

Thanks for all the help!

For me, case closed :smiley:

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