Create 3D OpenSCAD scripts

To use this project please install OpenSCAD on your computer (Probably can't do that on a school Chromebook??)

Open up the project and select the rocket sprite

Click on the generate OpenSCAD file script

Once it's finished processing, right click on the code variable watcher and select export
It should download it as code.txt (or code .txt (xxxx) )

Launch OpenSCAD and do file open code.txt

You should see a preview of the rocket :slight_smile:

I recommend enabling JavaScript and changing browser preferences to allow selecting the name of any file you try to save - it makes things a lot easier and smoother :slight_smile:

See here for latest version

This is version 1.0.0 of my efforts to use Snap! to build OpenSCAD scripts
e.g from


and here it is printed out :slight_smile:


If you enable JavaScript, it will auto download a file to your computer (using name of the sprite + .scad) - if not, just right click on the code watcher (Not the list one) and export it instead

Sneak peak at how version 2 is looking - less cluttered and more Snap!ish :slight_smile:

Dang...reminds me of TinkerCAD's Codeblocks!

This is really interesting! Love the way that you put the demo together.

I reached a limit using TInkerCAD codeblocks so then I decided to try out going down this route using Codification.

It works better than I hoped since OpenSCAD auto updates it's preview when you regenerate and re-save the script from Snap!.

You have to have your browser set to save as mode but it's working well for me so far

Version 2.0.1

Much more Snap!ish and with more pre-defined shapes and modifiers

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Version 3.0.0
  • Extra objects and transformations added
  • Changed to multiple categories (two at moment) and placed some blocks into Control and Operators

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Version 3.4.1

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Major Changes

  • Single palette with multiple categories
  • Ability to define a module in one sprite and import it into a script in another one - makes script much more manageable
  • Can generate text
  • Soft box object and Hollow out transformation added

Version 4.1.0
Major Changes

Ability to define user modules using the block editor

Version 5.3.2
Lots of refactoring
Ability to define Polyhedrons
OpenSCAD_5_3_0 script pic

Bolt/Nut Thread library added (but work in progress on how to use it)

The Snap! team have just uploaded SnapCon23 videos and here is the link to my talk