Create 2D matrix values from a costume

I was playing around with the new costume from pixels ability to read from a matrix of pixel values and updated a reporter that I wrote a while ago that helps visualise costume pixels values


2DMatrixofCostume_dev script pic (1)

Note: Some options (color and the HSx ones) take a bit of time to produce a matrix so please be patient :slight_smile:
[edits] use term RGB average instead of monochrome
remove experimental costume construction

very nice! You could speed up most of the operations significantly by replacing map() with hyperblocks, roughly following this pattern:

Huh. I should try that in the colors library, shouldn't I?

working on doing that now :slight_smile:

I made a little mod to the HSL/HSV reporter and it speeded up my reporter by a factor of 3 :slight_smile:

Reporter updated to make most options a lot quicker (some a LOT quicker) thanks to Jens hint :slight_smile:

Also, some more added and one removed

You might want to fix this:
untitled script pic (1)

[pixels] of costume [alonzo] appears several times in the block. Replacing "alonzo" with the costume variable did the trick for me.

Well, that was embarrassing!

Thanks for letting me know - should all be fixed now but come back to me if you find more errors :slight_smile:

Can’t find link to project. Edited away?

Project is just the reporter
[edit]But if your after something, here is the project I'm mainly developing it in
But 1st post will always contain the latest stable version