Crazy Cloning Issue

I'm trying to make a simple project where you catch items falling from the sky, and for some reason whenever my character contacts an item, it starts mass cloning out of nowhere. I used to use scratch all the time and never encountered this issue, could anyone help?

link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I can almost guarantee that you would've ran into this exact issue in scratch. The issue is this
foodproject script pic

Ok, not just this script, but creating a clone when receiving a message. The WHEN I RECIEVE block runs in every clone, so it creates a clone of that clone exponentially. To fix this, you can check if it's a clone before continuing.

foodproject script pic (1)

The MY [temporary] block is not a sure fire way of detecting if it's a clone, but if you're not messing with setting parents / making a clone not temporary, then it's a good way of detecting a clone.

Scratch and snap both allow clones to receive messages, so you would still run into this same issue in scratch.

Alright thanks, I never even knew that block existed

Check your character contact with items doesn't unintentionally initiate a cloning sequence.

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