Couldn't save project

Just got this error message when trying to save a modified existing project under a new name


The project name appears in my cloud list but I get this if I try and load it in in another tab


I can export/import it to my computer with no problem

Iā€™m having a similar, though somewhat difference experience. In my case the pop-up message says:

Serialization of program data failed:
Error: Expected ā€œ=ā€œ after attribute name

Platform: iPad Pro series 2 (2017), iOS 17.3, Safari.

When I try to use Zoom blocks: same message.

I had created some empty lines within a custom block by typing:

$nl [alternative space from] $nl

ā€¦ and now when editing that block I see:

nl + + + nl

or (in other places):

nl + + nl

Perhaps there is a connection?