Could you please add a "deselect all" in the Exports Block Dialog?


Export Block Dialog asks me to
But usually I want to download only 1 SINGLE Block.

What should Snap! do instead?
Dialog "Export Block" should allow an option "deselect all" so I can export only the 1 or 2 Blocks I want to reuse.
Or is it there already and I am just blind?

Pls also add local Blocks to that list. I can only download global blocks.
Or is this on purpose?

kind regards,

  1. What dies Snap! currently do?
    Snap! dies???
    Pls don't!

Pls correct the default text when creating a new topic.ExportBlock

It’s not obvious, but if you right click on the background you’ll have that option to delselect everything.

It's not really meaningful to export a sprite-local block without the sprite itself as its context. You can export a sprite, by right-clicking on its icon in the sprite corral.