Could you add unblock based coding in the future

This is most likely the hardest thing ive ever thought of,but could you possibly make the site a block and letter(or whatever) based programming site?that way more possibilities open up in the editor,new ideas appear,and more.thanks for looking at my request snap community and snap team

Can you explain it more, please?

I think he wants snap! to javascript, so he can put things on glitch.
hero snap! is just block based javascript so that will be easy.

Hm it'd be difficult to explain,but i'm saying we could projects with both written code and block code in them.i'm saying this because i don't want snap to lose the coding race(PLUS KUMI HAS THE POWER TO BE ON GLITCH NOT ME) do you kinda understand a bit more now @mrfluffypenguins,and you yeet

They won't add this.
Snap! is a bloc-based programming language, use the JSFunction block to run JavaScript.

Yeet go to this this topic and you'll see why i didn't make a feature request about what you just said

but still, what coding language do you want to be able to use?

I'm saying written code,the snap team can decide which one to intergrate

I mean wouldn't it be nice to be able to do both block based coding and written code in one site(especially since i'm way too scared to ask for forum related requests because of bans)

Oh okay.

I'd never use it, but it would be useful to others.

since i hate the cooldown, ill reply to your reply here: yes i get what you mean, you want to type code instead of using the blocks?

you get the gist of it though right?

I wanna be able to code with both in one project

I think he means JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

I think he wants an editor that looks kinda like Khan Academy's JS/HTML/CSS editor, that way we wouldn't have to do so much work to make a single line of JavaScript/HTML/CSS code.

It's either JS, HTML, CSS, or other code languages. I think he wants the editor to use all code languages.

This is not true. Snap! is implemented in JS, of course, but it's not the same language. Leaving aside all the graphics stuff, our sprite OOP is cleaner than JS OOP; JS doesn't automatically choose array or linked list depending on your programming style; JS doesn't have the concept of words and sentences as data types; JS doesn't have upvars. Those are just the differences that occur to me offhand; there are probably more.

And there are differences the other way too. We don't implement constant-time dictionaries (hash tables) as a primitive data type, for example. But in terms of translating blocks to JS code, the important differences are the ones in which we do something they don't.

We actually already have this. Open the settings menu and choose "Fade blocks." Then slide the slider to the right. That gives you a text language exactly equivalent to our block language. To enter text in a script, use the keyboard editor (look it up in the manual).

We also have codification, to turn blocks into the text language of your choice.

And finally, we have JSFunction. You could write your entire program as a huge JSFunction block if you want.

So I honestly don't understand what else we could offer. If you want to write your entire program as text, you could use a text-based language in the first place! If you want to use a text-based language that feels like Snap! programming, choose Scheme. We are syntactically a Scheme, and provide almost all the semantics of Scheme (macros coming when I get the energy).