Could we have more control over a ring's parent variables?

(i have no idea which category I should put this under, because it's a feature request.)

I would like a block to get the outer ring's variables so I can mainipulate those variables.
(yes, I have read the Snap! source code. I have a rule where I need to understand what the language interpreter/compiler is doing so I can make better code in that language.)

Like an option like this:
Testing Objects script pic

The reason I'm asking this is because this custom block library broke specifically this block:
Object Construction script pic

and looking at the dev console to see how to make this an actual INSTANCE bound setter (because it's currently acting like an OBJECT bound setter.) the "outerContext" property seems to hold the variable that contains the list that the object uses internally to store the properties of the object.

All I need is to clone that list and loop over all of the rings in that list and set the "this" variable to that list. (and not the OBJECT's list.)

I'm really sorry if you couldn't understand that, This post was meant for the Snap! Devs to read, and not people who are just passing by.

(and i'm not being sarcastic when I'm saying "i'm sorry" even though it sounds like it.)

i've made a libary that does a good amount of ring variable manipulation:

i want to try and help out but i'm completely lost at this part.
i'm not sure how the devs would answer this, around the time i was discussing various elements of ring variables with them it sounded like a lot of behaviors were an unintended consequence of metaprogramming (i could be confusing things, it was a while ago and tangled across many threads)

looking at the suggestion by itself i'm not sure it should go into the OF BLOCK reporter, usually rings go into the OF sensing reporter, since rings aren't custom blocks. normally i would look at snap for some more nitpicks and a more specific change to suggest but right now i have issues in the way of that and i'm pretty tired. later i'll probably look through snap blocks and that custom library you mentioned

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