Could i donate money to Snap?

I want to help snap by donating money to it.

Is there anyway i could?

Thank you!

On the Snap!Con registration page, there's an option to donate $10. That money helps pay for things like hosting the conference web site.

If you want to donate a lot of money, such that you need a receipt for tax purposes or something, we'd have to arrange to do it via Berkeley.

Or spam the ten bucks button

i plan on that option one day lol. keep this reply in mind jens. ill try to get on your happy side one day.

I will be donating soon, I would donate a lot of money (i mean A LOT) but i don't have that currently.
if Snap! stays alive in the next 5 years then i will be donating a lot.

Don't forget the servers that are used for the Snap! Forums and Snap! website.

Yes. WE NEED BIGGER FILE SIZE!!! i swear i'll donate so much money in a few years lol

We're working on getting support for cloud services.

This discussion is getting a bit embarrassing. Yes, if you grow up and make a billion dollars at a tech startup, we will absolutely take some of it. :~) But you shouldn't feel obliged to support us, and you especially shouldn't feel that we'll like you better if you do.

very nice!

and for the last part, No i don't feel obliged to do it i want to do it because i really really like Snap! and i think it is like one of the best coding platforms and i want to do it to help Snap!

Well, thanks!

I, personally found Snap! on the Scratch Wiki (I'm an editor). I fell in love with Snap! as soon as I visited the editor. Snap! also introduced new ideas that wouldn't be possible in Scratch. Ever since I started coding in Snap!, I have started learning new coding languages. Snap! helped me realize how fun coding is!

In the future... fundraisers for technology websites helping kids. Snap! could be on the list? Idea...

In my DFadsvsdfRWd account I have chose to put 5% of any money I recieve or add to the account to go towards a fund for charities and fundraisers. Some of which could cough cough more than some could go towards Snap! and other related technology services. Probably will be distributing this money within the next few years.

The next Snap!Con or one after it will likely be receiving a 25 dollar ticket by me and possibly donations:) Might decide to join it.

Also, if you feel as if we are feeling obligated.... it may have benefits such as more storage in the future with benefits the whole community.

Thousand-dollar tech company and I will.

I found out about Snap! when I was reading a book about Scratch. Basically it was a book about animating in Scratch or making games in it or whatever, but in a page when the book was teaching about raycasters and 3D projects, it said something like:

"If you are not happy with the framerates of the Raycaster, you could 1) optimize it by making it Wireframe or 2) use Snap!"


I found out by a CS teacher. I was going to learn JS aside fro the class with him the next year but he ended up finding a different job.

I just found snap while looking for scratch mods.

I actually had not ever used Scratch to code nor have an account before Snap!, I did view things on Scratch but it wasn’t until 6-8 months (give or take) later that I made an account. The first time I ever used the Scratch website in any way was a year+ before Snap!. GitHub came in between Snap! account creation and Scratch account. Repl I had known about since I used the Snap! forums (1 month after join) but never had an account since recent times. If I never had the CS teacher (the only reason I had him was because of Covid, the previous teacher became pregnant and decided to not teach in person). I guess good things do come out of Covid, it re sparked my entrance in programming. I had a slight interest a year before where I learned the basics of HTML. Now look what Covid got me.. a happy life making a Wiki, a website (not using a builder), a programming language, and working on various collaborations (+more).

I found out about Snap! by I don’t remember that was four years ago. I used to be @pr0grammer.

I found Snap! by looking for an alternative to Scratch, because I wanted custom reporters.

To be honest, I was looking for a scratch mod, because I wanted custom reporters.

i found out snap! by * The Coding Book, by Virginia King, Lee Ryall and Invent the World